Portraits by Steve

About Steve

My Name is Steve
Professional Artist..

Painting is my passion. My portrait paintings go far beyond merely capturing a moment. The process of applying paint with a brush creates a unique dynamic energy, impossible to replicate through any mechanical process.
Capturing detail is a cornerstone of my style. Occasionally deviating from my traditional style, I continue to use a number of new mediums and applications to express my whimsical dreams. As a portrait artist, I am available for creating beautiful portraits in watercolors and charcoal pencils. My paintings are now hanging in homes around the world, especially Australia and United Kingdom. Contact me for your portrait needs.

Portraits by Steve


There is a story behind every person. There is a reason why they are the way they are. Keep them close to you always with a portrait painting of them.


The adventures you had on your bike will not be completed if you don’t have a watercolor painting with those colorful splashes on your clothes.


A house is never lonely where a loving pet awaits. Keep them close to your heart. Because they are family.


“Drive it like you stole it. Paint it like you dreamt it”


Them big machines need a permanent place on your wall. It is time to contact Steve for a painting!

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